K&S Associates began training operators to troubleshoot their respective processes in 1979. In 1985 we introduced the K&S 3-step Troubleshooting Procedure, and since that time thousands of operators have benefited from this training. Their improved on-the-job performance has demonstrated the value of this systematic approach to determining and correcting root causes of system upsets. The developers have based this method on over 94 years of combined experience working with the petroleum and chemical industries.

At K&S, we understand that each organization can face unique performance challenges requiring a wide range of solutions. This is why K&S provides upfront professional consulting services, utilizing needs analysis and a unique training/development process, thus ensuring your performance goals and business challenges are met. Our staff has substantial industry experience(+148 years), bringing real world knowledge to the training and consulting assistance we provide.

Our workshops and customized training programs are taught by qualified, experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping you improve your operations, educate your staff, and implement "best practices" tools and techniques.

Students evaluate the content of every class and its applicability to their current job in the industry.The feedback from our students is exceptional and can be provided to you to review upon request . Verification of learning takes place throughout the workshops through hands on demonstrations and process problems worked on in class at the end of each module.

We Work on Your Schedule

We can deliver services according to your needs.

Production deadlines are no problem. Your work schedules can be addressed and your employees availability can be accommodated.

Days, evenings, or weekends, our staff professionals are flexible when it comes to scheduling.

Your Location or Somewhere Else

Our standard and customized training courses, workshops, and seminars can be delivered on site, but if you want to get away from the distraction and interruptions of phones, intercoms or meetings, we can arrange an off site location convenient to your employess.

K&S Associates works to be your first choice as a partner in employee development. We will not be here today and gone tomorrow. We are interested in your long term growth.