Casey B. Yauger has 28 years experience in the refining and petrochemical industry. Mr. Yauger has an extensive background in process operations. Both as an operator and as supervisor. His operations experience involves processes that include reaction, distillation, absorption, stripping, power generation, environmental and turnaround management. Mr. Yauger has most recently served as an adjuster, surveyor, and investigator of chemical, oil and gas process related insurance claims both onshore and offshore, with particular concentration in the area of risk evaluation, incident investigation, loss prevention, and loss mitigation. He has received substantial technical training in the field of compressor controls, steam and gas turbine operation, power boiler operation, and SPC. He currently holds a NBIC/ASME commission. Mr. Yauger has been certified by Dale Knape as both a Senior Instructor and as Instructor Trainer for the Process Systems Surveillance and Troubleshooting Workshop.